Monday, 17 June 2013

Progress & Tips


So I posted some progress photos on my instagram, it is always important to recognise progress whether it be big or small!...

Slowly but surely...which brings me onto some of my best tips/advice - on top of doing HIIT and weight training/target toning, I focus on doing conditioning! 

The best advocate of this that I have found is Tracey Anderson (and her method), most of her stuff is readily available on YouTube so please have a look! My absolute favourites are her standing arms and standing abs routines but I regularly do all of her stuff (at least once a week)

The way in which it works is you use very small and specially created dynamic movements that "condition" the muscles and tighten everything up, bringing your different muscle groups closer together and also closer to the bone (this is just a simple explanation, it's not entirely scientifically correct obviously but it basically brings everything together and I think it's very important!)

I always stress the importance of finding a balance and this is definitely a major factor for me! I think it really helps keep my femininity and is helping me get tighter!

Make sure you all have a go! The specific DVD I use is the "Tracey Anderson Method: Mat Workout", its 59 minutes long and has 6 sections plus a warm-up and cool-down (all available on YouTube)


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Today! Phew 😊💦


So I have been SO BUSY today, I also just found out that I'm working over 50 hours this week (as a domaciliary nurse), so my e-book may be slightly delayed...sorry! And I've teased you all so much! I'm so mean 🙊🙈

After having done my 45 min power walk with Dan earlier, I did 3 hours of vigorous cleaning for my mum (always put in 100%, no matter what you're doing!) and then as I was feeling so energised, I decided to do some HIIT! I will do a post on HIIT at another date but I will put it simply for now: it is extremely beneficial both in terms of cardio vascular fitness, endurance and agility, as well as muscle building, "toning" and defining! My workout looked something like this (I did it for 30 mins)

This is such a great diagram, you can pick and choose what you prefer and do alternatives! Not all exercises are suitable for everyone

Whilst I was doing this (amazing multitasking I know 😉) I had this delicious and nutritious meal cooking to be ready for when I was finished! 

That is: pan-fried salmon with chopped ginger, red chilli, coriander, garlic, shallot & lime with peas, beans & brown rice! 

I am absolutely dead! Getting an early night as I work starts at 6:45am tomorrow, then I'm going out for a family Father's Day lunch! 

Hope you're all well

Power Walks

Hello everyone! Posting off my phone currently 😊 

Here's a picture of my little brother from our power walk!

It started off sunny but towards the end there was a big downpour of rain but that didn't stop us ☺

There is nothing better than a power walk early in the morning to get your day going and to clear your mind! I usually do about 40-60 minutes and walk at approximately 5-6mph the whole way (very fast but we have long legs so very doable!) and I always make sure we do some inclines and declines in our route! I'm not that much of a runner, but we always tend to run the last 400m home at full speed (we make it fun by chasing each other) 

Hope you've all started your day strong, I will post my workout when I've done it later (I think that's the best way for you to understand how I workout!) and I will post lots of my tips about how to stay active. 

Love Amy 

Friday, 14 June 2013


Free of all things university related (although I can't guarantee I won't be retaking in August..however I'll worry about that when I get my results!)

Thank you to all the people who have been checking out my blog, I hope you like it and please give me any topics/suggestions/questions that you'd like me to answer on here in greater detail (its really hard to answer in detail on Instagram!)

So, I am going to talk about why I don't weigh myself anymore. I admit, I definitely have been tempted but I don't give in!

I took this photo earlier to demonstrate what I mean. So many of you let the scale determine how you feel, how you look and you let it diminish your progress and even get obsessed with the number it shows! (we've all been there). Let me tell you that unless you are competing in a bikini fitness/body building competition, or are morbidly obese, the scale is not the best way to measure your progress. The amount of times you and I have felt like we were doing so well, had noticed good progress and others even commented as well which is all forgotten about once we get on the scale and see that we have only lost a pound or two. 

We've all been there, trust me! And this relates back to why I also don't count calories any more (that's another post for another day!) 

So why should you forget the scale!? Here are some of my simple reasons:
  • Muscle weighs 3x more than fat - ie. when losing "weight" healthily (through clean eating and exercise), we tend to lose fat and gain lean muscle, therefore, losing fat won't show as "good" results on the scale as losing lean muscle will (which you want to avoid at all costs) - and obviously the same goes for gaining lean muscle whilst losing fat, the scale tends to go up!
  • The scale doesn't take into account body fat percentage. Just imagine a 140-lb woman with 35% body fat and a 140-lb woman with 19% body fat. They may weigh the exact same on the scale, but their body compositions will be completely different!
  • Muscle also occupies a lot less room in the body than the equivalent weight of fat. Therefore, when you are losing fat and gaining lean muscle, you are (usually) getting tighter and losing inches from your body; which you may not be able to see on the scale at all (it may even go up), but can measure using tape measurements
Instead of using the scale, I tend to use measurements and focus on how I FEEL inside and out! And they both work, trust me

So why not put this scale to a little test? See exactly what I mean when I say don't use it to determine your success. If you don't believe me (or want to just try it out); weigh yourself tomorrow morning as soon as you get up and take mental note. Then go about your business as you usually would, maybe 5-6 nutritious meals, 3 litres of water, one workout, a shower etc. - now weigh yourself before you go to bed...chances are you're probably going to be about 2 pounds heavier than you were in the morning, if not more! And no, don't panic, it is near impossible to put on 2 pounds of anything in one day! So the answer? During the day you retain water weight, you can store up to 3-5 lbs of weight in your bowels and your clothes may even add on a few pounds!

From this I hope you all understand why I don't use the scale, and why I would never let the scale determine my progress again!

Love, Amy