Tuesday, 3 March 2015

6 Top Tips To Stop Food Cravings

Hello, hope you are all well!

I thought I'd write this post as I have actually been using these tips more than ever recently...I seem to be in some kind of super crazy junk food craving mode - literally, every second I am craving something (chocolate, cake, biscuits, crisps - you get the picture) and I have been trying my best to be good! So, here are my best tips for not giving into those cravings, or distracting yourself if you like - I vary which tips I use so that I don't get too used to them!

1) Make yourself a cup of tea 

  • As soon as I start getting a craving, I make myself a large cup of tea. This can be any tea, I tend to go for camomile or mint tea as they have a natural sweetness to them (as I usually crave sweet things). This has been my absolute go-to tip recently, not only does drinking tea fill you up and distract you from the craving, but it's also so good for you and helps with rehydration too! I recommend green tea, camomile tea, mint tea, fruit teas and/or any other herbal teas that you may like. Seriously, try it! 
2) Brush your teeth
  • This one's pretty self explanatory, like the cup of tea its another distraction technique that has additional benefits. Obviously, a nice clean mouth, shiny white teeth and fresh breath come from brushing your teeth, plus the minty taste in your mouth you are less likely to want to reach for junk food as your taste buds are already being stimulated with mint! This is another tip that I use constantly, it works for me so well. Have a go!
3) Plan your treats
  • Were all human, we all enjoy some (or a lot) of junk food from time to time! Plan "cheat meals" or "cheat days" in advance as something to look forward to (that is, as long as you can get back on track afterwards)! Tons of people swear by this tip and it is probably the most popular method used in the fitness and health industry. Most people choose days on the weekend for this as you are more likely to be splurging then. Just make sure you can get yourself motivated and back on track and this could work wonders for you!
4) Get up and move
  • This is yet another tip which has amazing added benefits! As soon as you start to daydream about all the biscuits, chocolate and cake you could be eating (if you're anything like me than this is a full time occupation) - get up! Do 10 squats, do 10 star jumps, do 10 lunges, go for a 10 minute walk! Do anything! If you're moving, you're not only distracting yourself but you're also benefiting from burning up energy, getting the oxygen flowing, improving circulation and much more. GO go go!
5) Grab some fruit
  • This is especially effective if you are craving sugar! Fruit is full of NATURAL and GOOD sugar (the only kind of good sugar) and will help you if your body is willing you to eat sugar. Not only does fruit contain a ridiculous amount of good things (essential vitamins, minerals and fibre), but it all tastes so amazing, it is natures candy, use it!
6) Make an alternative
  • This is particularly good if you're craving things like chips, deep fried chicken, crisps, cake etc. With this tip you can actually satisfy some of the craving, by making a healthier alternative to the craving! Search for substitutes and healthier versions of your favourite recipes/foods and make them! Get creative. Get cooking!

I hope that these tips help you in some way and that you can use them easily and that they work. I use these on a regular basis and sometimes combine a few if a craving is really bad. But most of all, remember, we are all human, do not beat yourself up about a bad day/week/month. Aim to be better than you were yesterday and take everything step by step. If you slip up, dust yourself off and get back up.

Thank you for reading, I know I ramble a lot!

Amy xxx