Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hi lovelies!

Welcome to my blog!

Hopefully I can answer ALL of your questions on here to my best ability

So for my first official post I thought I’d start with the very basics; what I have stocked in my cupboards, fridge and freezer at all times

Fridge – So the fridge is always chock-a-block with heaps of fresh vegetables and salad (can’t go wrong there), fruits (again, can’t go wrong there), dairy (skimmed milk, NATURAL pro biotic yoghurt, cottage cheese and eggs) and deli meats (not considered clean so I don’t have them too often but at least once a week!)

Freezer – The freezer is the best! I always have frozen chicken breast, turkey breast, white fish (cod, tilapia, basa etc), tuna steak, beef steak, salmon all stored away, I try so hard to make the most of great deals at the supermarkets so I usually have tons of meat & fish at the ready. Also because berries are so expensive, I buy frozen berries & other exotic fruit that I can use in my porridge and in smoothies! Another great thing to do is to buy fresh herbs in bulk and cut them up into bags and freeze them. I do this with parsley, chives, ginger, coriander, chilli etc so that if I’m making a stir-fry I can whack them straight in from frozen! I also have frozen peas and sweetcorn and spinach; again if I’m meal prepping they’re so quick to chuck in a steamer and be ready to take with me to uni/work

Cupboard – The main dry herbs/seasonings I tend to use are Cajun, fajita, chilli, cinnamon, Italian herbs, turmeric, herbamere, black pepper and honey. I do have stevia but I use it VERY sparingly (only small amounts in cooking). I keep canned tuna and salmon (great for making fish cakes!) and other canned goodies like beans at the ready (again, so great for quick food prepping if you’ve got little time). Now as for carbohydrates, I eat A LOT of sweet potato, white potato, brown rice & oats. I would have loads of nuts in the cupboard BUT as you may know, I am allergic to all of them apart from almonds, peanuts & coconut (but I don’t eat them often as I am scared of all things that are nutty! Also I love peanut butter & almond butter, if you like it too you need to make your own! So simple). In terms of hot drinks, I always have green tea, camomile tea, green chai tea, mint tea etc.

I really hope I haven’t forgotten anything too major, but that pretty much sums up my kitchen! I have A LOT more variety of things when I am at home compared with uni which is why my food on instagram always looks even more delicious when I am there :)


ps. please bare with me, I have no idea how to use this thing!


  1. Thank you for finally starting a blog!! been waiting for it for ages, please keep us updated, and post lots of pictures/recipes! You keep me so motivated haha!

    1. Aw thank you! I have a lot more time on my hands now so hopefully I can really get into it. Glad I can help you though!
      Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to blog about/if you have any questions?