Saturday, 15 June 2013

Power Walks

Hello everyone! Posting off my phone currently 😊 

Here's a picture of my little brother from our power walk!

It started off sunny but towards the end there was a big downpour of rain but that didn't stop us ☺

There is nothing better than a power walk early in the morning to get your day going and to clear your mind! I usually do about 40-60 minutes and walk at approximately 5-6mph the whole way (very fast but we have long legs so very doable!) and I always make sure we do some inclines and declines in our route! I'm not that much of a runner, but we always tend to run the last 400m home at full speed (we make it fun by chasing each other) 

Hope you've all started your day strong, I will post my workout when I've done it later (I think that's the best way for you to understand how I workout!) and I will post lots of my tips about how to stay active. 

Love Amy 

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