Monday, 17 June 2013

Progress & Tips


So I posted some progress photos on my instagram, it is always important to recognise progress whether it be big or small!...

Slowly but surely...which brings me onto some of my best tips/advice - on top of doing HIIT and weight training/target toning, I focus on doing conditioning! 

The best advocate of this that I have found is Tracey Anderson (and her method), most of her stuff is readily available on YouTube so please have a look! My absolute favourites are her standing arms and standing abs routines but I regularly do all of her stuff (at least once a week)

The way in which it works is you use very small and specially created dynamic movements that "condition" the muscles and tighten everything up, bringing your different muscle groups closer together and also closer to the bone (this is just a simple explanation, it's not entirely scientifically correct obviously but it basically brings everything together and I think it's very important!)

I always stress the importance of finding a balance and this is definitely a major factor for me! I think it really helps keep my femininity and is helping me get tighter!

Make sure you all have a go! The specific DVD I use is the "Tracey Anderson Method: Mat Workout", its 59 minutes long and has 6 sections plus a warm-up and cool-down (all available on YouTube)



  1. I have so many questions :) First of all i adore you and i really glad that you have a blog. So my first question is how much you work out? How much cardio and weight training per week ? And for how long. Do you have specific days for arms leg's ect ? And eating wise how does a day in the life of amy look like :) just an example of what you eat. And my last question is what do you eat before and after a workout :) thank you very much
    Im looking forward to hearing from you

  2. You go girl, you look great, and thanks for the advice regarding the workout.